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Services We Offer

Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) reviews of projects, programmes, and portfolios
Do you need second opinion, expert confidence that your project, programme, or portfolio is on track to succeed? i.e. to deliver the business benefits that you promised your Board, Cabinet, or other investors, on time and within budget?
P3M maturity assessments and capability strengthening
Outcome Insights is a licensed P3M3 maturity assessor and our Lead Assessor, Grant Avery, is co-author of the international P3M3 v3 maturity assessment and strengthening tool. Is your PM framework, at the Portfolio, Programme, and Project level, doing its job. Are your projects delivering the business benefits they promised? Is your PMO scoped to maximise the Return on Investment of your projects, or to police the PM framework? The latter will defeat the former. What is the best use of your next ten dollars spent on strengthening P3M capabilities? A new PPM tool? More PRINCE2 training? More PM processes? More PMO staff? It will be none of those.
Governance of Projects, Programmes, and Portfolios
Do you have clear accountabilities, alignment of ownership with control, and governance structures that are fit for purpose against the relevant cost, risk, and complexity needs of your project, programme, and portfolio.
Benefits Realisation Reviews
Is your project, programme, or portfolio set up to deliver measurable business benefits? Does the Business Case include SMART benefit metrics? Did your completed project or programme deliver its expected benefits? Grant Avery was a member of the first Gateway major projects’ review team in New Zealand to perform a Gate-5 Benefits Realisation review in government and has recently assisted Treasury with the piloting of their new Operational & Benefits Realisation review process. Grant was one of the first people in New Zealand to be certified in APMG’s new (then - 2012) Managing Benefits (MB) methodology.
Business Case Reviews
Grant Avery has been assessed and endorsed by the International BBC (Better Business Cases) Standards Board as an “Expert BBC Reviewer”. He is experienced in the use of NZ Treasury’s BBC assessment tools and has both written and reviewed many business cases of different types and sizes.
Project Change Management Readiness
Outcome Insights has performed many Project Change Readiness assessments and is experienced with PMI’s Change Management Practice Guide.
Project Risk Management
Outcome Insights has performed many Project Risk Management assessments and is experienced with the ISO31000 Risk Management standard and its supporting Handbook HB436. Grant Avery has written an internationally acclaimed book on the problem of risk homeostasis and risk management strengthening in high risk projects.
Senior Executive Mentoring and Masterclasses
Outcome Insights Executive Masterclasses and talks on the topics of Project Management, Project IQA and Project Leadership are highly regarded.

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